Welcome Home

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Welcome back home! I truly missed you, but I thank God, who has kept you safe to this day. As we open our churches for worship; St. Joseph and Sts. Peter and Paul, I am very excited but also anxious. I am excited  because I am soon to see your beautiful smiles (even as they are masked for your safety, and for the safety of the brothers and sisters that we come to worship with). I am anxious because I am not certain of how all these adjustments are to be  implemented in a manner that satisfies everyone, and keeps all of you safe.

That having been acknowledged, I am reminded of that time when the Lord Jesus feeds the multitude with five loaves and two fish (Mt. 14: 13-21). Quite an insignificant amount of bread and fish for the multitude. Jesus tells the disciples to bring all  they have and only to him, which he uses to feed the people. In the midst of coming back to use our worship spaces, we come with excitement but also with anxiety, and present ourselves to the Lord to work through us. May he keep us safe, as he supplies for all our insignificances in dealing with this challenge of our time.

This time is going to be challenging and, in some way, frustrating. I just ask that each one us prays for that gift of  patience as we make all the necessary adjustments. The Lord will see us through this time, and may He supply for our lack.

I welcome you back once again, and I love you. But remember, Jesus loves you more!

Your brother,
Fr. David Pastor

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