Newcomer Ministry

The Newcomer Ministry welcomes those who have been guided by God’s grace to become registered members of Sts. Peter and Paul Church. Our primary purpose is to make our recently registered parishioners feel an immediate connection with our parish community so they will fully participate in church activities and all sacramental offerings. Our ultimate goal is to create an experience that is both spiritual and familial, leading them to further serve God and others.

Serving God by Serving Others – is the reason we do what we do. We believe that fellowship with and service to one another are essential to becoming actively involved in the parish community. Although our ministry’s primary purpose is to welcome New Members to Sts. Peter and Paul Church, we believe it is much more important to welcome them into our parish family.

The Newcomer’ Ministry’s main purpose is to facilitate the absorption of new parishioners into a meaningful sharing of their gifts from God with His Church.

New members are called after their names have been received from the office. They are welcomed to Saints Peter and Paul.  They are also asked if they would like to receive a Newcomers packet.  The Newcomers packet contains a Stewardship Guide, including a listing of ministry coordinators and phone numbers.   The Guide is updated as changes occur.

New parishioners are encouraged to introduce themselves to our Greeters after Mass in the Commons. The Greeters provide them with a Newcomers packet. Newcomers may use the form provided in the Stewardship Guide to register for ministries of interest to them.


Newcomer Luncheon

Every quarter might plan a Newcomer Luncheon hosted by Fr. Gerald and the parish. Invitations would be sent to newly registered parishioners asking them to join us in the Common following the 11:00am Mass that Sunday. We would also invite various ministry coordinators and organization representatives from our parish to join us.

On the day of the Newcomer Luncheon we would need help with set-up and clean-up. Maybe about a week or so before the luncheon, volunteers are needed to help with assembling welcome bags.


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