Parish Community Life

Parish Community Life Ministry

Purpose of Parish Community Life Ministry: To bring together our parishioners in a warm atmosphere. We try to include inactive and new parishioners.

Activities of Parish Community Life Ministry: We serve funeral luncheons to help our families who have lost a loved one. We serve light Lenten lunches on Fridays of Lent. We have served, with our Music Ministry, a wine and cheese opera for the Building Fund. We work with all ministries when asked.

Contact for Parish Community Life Ministry: Patricia Amato, Phone Number: (434) 589-7811, Email Address:

Crafters Group

Contact for Crafters Group: Diana Marriuto, Phone Number: (434) 589-5201, Email Address: TBD and Carol Fernandes, Phone Number: (434) 589-5201, Email Address:

Hospital & Home Visit

Contact for Hospital & Home Visit: Rev. Gerald Francis Musuubire, Phone Number: (434) 589-5201, Email Address:


Purpose of Stewardship: The Stewardship Ministry’s main purpose is to facilitate the absorption of new parishioners into a meaningful sharing of their gifts from God with His Church.

New members are immediately called after their names have been received from the office. They are welcomed to Saints Peter and Paul. They are also asked if they would like to receive a stewardship folder. The stewardship folder contains a description of each ministry, plus a listing of ministry coordinators and their phone numbers. The folder is updated as changes occur.

If new parishioners are interested in receiving a folder, arrangements are made to meet with them. If interest is shown in a certain ministry, the coordinator is notified.

A stewardship bulletin board is also updated periodically, posting new parishion-ers photographs and pictures of parishioners performing acts of stewardship.

Contact for Stewardship: Nancy and Michael King, Phone Number: (434) 591-1179, Email Address:

Women’s Guild

Purpose of Women’s Guild: The Women’s Guild plans and participates in several events each year to raise money for the parish.

Activities of Women’s Guild: The fund raising committee is a loosely-knit group headed by two co-chairs. We have several activities that we are involved in: The largest is the Yard Sale, held on the first weekend in May every year. It is a week-long activity and requires about 100 workers to run smoothly. We start the Sunday before the sale to set up the commons and the classrooms and we work all week receiving, sorting, testing, cleaning and categorizing items that have come in. The sale is the following Friday and Saturday, and we have raised large amounts of money for the church.

The Holiday Bazaar is the second week in November. The crafters meet on Wednesdays in the commons from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM in January, February and March, and again in September, October and November. We are a group of fun ladies who are talented and not so talented. Those who are talented do the difficult things and the rest of us do the easy things that anyone could do. We are a small group and can always use more help. The Holiday Bazaar is one day (Saturday). We sell our items and also have about 20 vendors who join us. This has also been a very successful event for the church. The rest of the year, we hold a few other activities such as “Sing Along With Sid” night, “Bunco” night and “Pot Luck Suppers” to enjoy an evening of fun together.

We do not have regularly scheduled meetings, but we do have two meetings before the Yard Sale and the Holiday Bazaar. The notice for the meetings will be in the parish bulletin. When we have a smaller event, we will announce it in the bulletin and place a sign in the commons for that evening or to donate some-thing, if needed.

In order to have successful events, we need plenty of volunteers and we hope you are willing to join us and have fun while volunteering. It is a wonderful way to meet and make lots of new friends.

Contact for Women’s Guild:

Annual Yard Sale

Contact for Annual Yard Sale: George Kuhlow, Phone Number: (434) 589-5123, Email Address:

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