Pastoral Care

Legion of Mary

All are welcome to “come and see”.  The Legion of Mary is a worldwide organization of men and women, ages 10 through 99, who offer their gifts and talents to their parish priests to aid him in performing spiritual works in the parish and community-at-large.

The Legion’s aims are to increase the personal  holiness of its members, to foster a deeper devotion to Jesus through Mary and to undertake various apostolic works such as door-to-door evangelization, prison visits, nursing home and shut-in visits, and propagation of the family rosary.

Meetings are held at Saint Joseph’s Shrine of Saint Katherine Drexel in Columbia, in the Parish Hall every Thursday from 10-11:30 a.m.

Ministry of Praise

Ministry of Praise is a spiritual ministry in which we offer all prayers, joys and sufferings to God for the salvation of souls.

Anyone can belong – the sick, the handicapped, the homebound and all interested in becoming closer to God.

You are asked to pray for the world, especially members of our parish.  A calendar is printed monthly with petitions from the parishioners.  Each day we will have a special intention to be prayed for.

You don’t have to say any special prayers, but we do have a specially published prayer book called “Prayer Book for the Ministry of Praise”.

This is a spiritual ministry, so we do not have any meetings and there are no dues.  The parish is privileged to have your prayers; and more things are accomplished by prayer than this world would dream of.

Stewardship Ministry

The Stewardship Ministry’s main purpose is to facilitate the absorption of new parishioners into a meaningful sharing of their gifts from God with His Church.

New members are immediately called after their names have been received from the office.  They are welcomed to Saints Peter and Paul.  They are also asked if they would like to receive a stewardship folder.  The stewardship folder contains a description of each ministry, plus a listing of ministry coordinators and their phone numbers.   The folder is updated as changes occur.

If new parishioners are interested in receiving a folder, arrangements are made to meet with them.  If interest is shown in a certain ministry, the coordinator is notified.

A stewardship bulletin board is also updated periodically, posting new parishioners photographs and pictures of parishioners performing acts of stewardship.

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