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How often do we fail to realize that we are  called to be Christ’s witnesses to the world? ow often do we reach out to our missing brothers and sisters by inviting them to join us at Mass or by asking why they no longer feel welcomed at Church? Did you know  that through our baptism, we are called to proclaim the Good News to all people, everywhere and at all times.  How often do we fail to realize that we are called to be Christ’s witnesses to the world?

Diocesan and parish leaders seeking to develop faith  formation programs for the New Evangelization are invited to explore  this website which is an interactive version of the document, “Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization.”

About our Studies

Catholics are encouraged to deepen their own faith and provide a living witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ. The US bishops have asked parishes to support this New Evangelization by providing “encouragement to join parish prayer groups and small faith communities” and offering “opportunities for lifelong faith formation and catechesis, including reflection on Scripture” (Disciples Called to Witness).

Rejoice Bible Study

Mondays at 1pm Room 122

This Scripture Study program is for the people of God who want to hear his Word in the context of their experiences of faith and lives.  You need only to bring your Bibles and a commitment to reading the assigned books and be willing to bring your faith and life experiences to share with your fellow Christians as we discuss the Word we have read, studied and meditated upon.

Contact Information

June Wimer:  589-2863 |

Saved by The Book

Mondays at 7pm Room 122

This Bible Study uses the Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study Series to facilitate our Study.  The lessons consist of a video, readings, and introspective questions.  An online self-study is also available for those that can't make the meetings.

Current Study:  Acts

Contact Information

William Buono, 434.984.5630 |
Celeste Shapiola, 434.842.1869 |