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Priest Welcome Message

Let me take this golden opportunity to welcome you to Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church website. Our Parish which is located on route 53, in Palmyra, Fluvanna County; serves the communities of Lake Monticello, Scottsville, Palmyra, and Columbia. Sts. Peter and Paul is a growing parish whose members strive to be faithful to the mission of Christ through its liturgical, educational and social service ministries. The parish has programs in education and pastoral ministry for children, youth and now adults, as well as a vibrant social ministry outreach program. There is a lot of information on this website that will assist you to know what is going on in this parish. I want to encourage visitors to consider joining us because every new parishioner adds richness to our faith community which allows us to more fully reflect the Body of Christ in today’s society.

Parish History

Back in the mid 1980s, the Lake Monticello community was just beginning. Catholics who moved here went to the Catholic churches in the surrounding areas. Eventually they got to know one another and began considering the possibility of establishing a separate Catholic community in Palmyra.

The first step to achieve this was persuading the pastor of Saint Joseph’s church in Columbia to come to the Lake (with the Bishop’s permission) and offer Mass for this new Catholic population. That first Eucharist was celebrated on January 26, 1985 by Father John T. Cummings at the home of Mary Luxhoj.

A few months later, arrangements were made with Effort Baptist Church to celebrate Mass there every Saturday at 5:00pm. A handicap ramp was built and a little sign was put up when the Catholic Masses would take place. Funds were contributed for new carpets and the new ramp.

In June of 1986, Bishop Sullivan visited the new congregation and met with the pastoral council. He suggested the name ‘Saints Peter and Paul’ based on the feast day. The original group had planned to name it ‘Our Lady of the Lake’ but happily agreed with the Bishop’s recommendation.

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