Give God Your Broken Heart

We are hardwired for wholeness and crave it. When something is broken, we want it fixed. If a part of our body is not working properly, we want it healed. How often do we find ourselves saying, “I’m tired of struggling with this cold, I can’t wait for my surgery to heal, or I want my treatments to make me better.” Wholeness and healing restore our relationships and make us free to love as we desire. We know very well how our limitations, imperfections, and brokenness really limit us.

They can easily prevent us from being and doing what we want to do.
Our physical and emotional wounds and maladies are easier to identify.
If my back hurts, I feel it and know what part of my body needs attention. If I am feeling intense anger, I can identify the emotion and take necessary steps to uncover its cause. Being persistent often brings greater and quicker results. But will pursuing and even achieving our physical and emotional healings really be enough? We forget that there is a deeper healing that we seek and desperately need. As we look around at humanity, there are some physical and emotional wounds and scars that cannot be made whole. They are limitations that must remain and, for one reason or another, cannot be rectified. Does this mean that the wholeness and healing that my being longs for is not possible for me? Must I settle with less than what God promises?

The answer is no. Ultimately, there is a desire that goes deeper than the physical and emotional. It is a desire that resides in our soul. What we really seek and thirst for is healing and wholeness for our soul. Inner strength, conviction, focus, grounding, love, hope, faith, courage, determination, peace, and connectedness are all words that center us on eternity. They direct us to a presence we discover in our core, which is none other than the presence of God. In God, we are healed. When we are persistent in reaching out to and establishing our relationship with God, real healing and wholeness begin to happen.

There are some limitations and some of our brokenness with which we may simply have to live. This does not mean that we have to abandon our journey to wholeness and healing. If we have done our inner soul work, we have worked toward and acquired what and who we ultimately need and desire.

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