Last weekend we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany and we heard in the Gospel that “Magi (TRAVELERS) from the East
arrived in Jerusalem”. Also, we heard they “offered him (Jesus) gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh”. The Magi offered gold, in recognition of Jesus as the king of the Jews; frankincense, in acknowledgment that he was God; and myrrh as a symbol of his human nature.

What gifts can we give? The gifts we might give are:
Friendship with God:  God wants our friendship in the form of wholehearted love, commitment and devotion.
Friendship with others: Expressed by encouraging others with our visits and helping them in their needs.
Reconciliation: Giving it requires honesty, humility, understanding, forgiveness and patience.
Peace: The seeking of God’s peace in our own lives through prayer, sacramental life and daily meditation on the
Word of God.

This coming week on January 12, six of our parishioners will be TRAVELERS (Bob Maher, Joe Schaefer, Marisa Vacca,
Steve Momper, Cynthia Aycock and Doug Mullinex). They will be embarking on a trip to Uganda and will be gone for 15 days.
They may not be going to see Jesus in person, but they are going to see Jesus in a more spiritual way. They carry with them some material gifts in the way of toys and candy for the Ugandan children at the parish by the clinic, St Francis of Assisi in
Kitakyusa. Also, monetary donations for the digging of a clean water well and moving power lines three kilometers to the clinic and nurse’s quarters. The work has already started and should be almost completed by the time they leave to come home.

Bob Maher, who has made this trip at least 9 times, told me “it will not be just a working vacation, because we will be spending the entire time with Fr. Gerald and a good friend, Jude Tams, who are our tour guides. … also we are scheduled to meet up with Fr. David and meet his family and see his boyhood village. In between all of this we are taking two safaris, one to Lake Mburo National Park in the southern part of Uganda and another to Murchison Falls National Park.”

Our TRAVELERS are fulfilling the ideas of the gifts mentioned before. Let us pray for their travels and their safety and let us thank them for their devotion and commitment to God’s everlasting love.

May God bless and protect our TRAVELERS. Amen.