Prison Ministry

One of the important ministries that our Churches: Sts. Peter and Paul, and St. Joseph attend to is Prison Ministry. This is another way of our Pastoral outreach. This ministry is coordinated by Mr. William Kulick. Several men and women participate in this ministry, and they go every Sunday to minister to the women’s prison that is found in Troy.

We are very grateful for all you do, as you go out each Sunday to witness to the love of Christ to these, our sisters in jail. Thank you very much for your witness! This past Sunday; June, Patrick and I went to do ministry to prisoners. I must confess that all my life, I had never been to jail. Even the very thought of going out to minister in such a setting made me scared. It was a thing I was not prepared to do! Well, this past Sunday I was ‘dragged’ into going to jail to celebrate Mass. I am very grateful to June and Patrick who introduced me to this setting, and this different and strange part of my priestly ministry.

It turned out though, that my fears were not realistic. Except for the fact that I was asked to take off my waist belt before entering the building, everything went so well. We were warmly received by the inmates, and a good number of them asked for the Sacrament of Reconciliation/Penance before the Mass started. And during Mass, I was really touched by the way these ladies received Holy Communion in a very reverent manner. All of them went onto their knees on that concrete floor after they had received Jesus in the Eucharist! I could feel right there that something different had taken place; I knew that Jesus was in our midst by what I witnessed! It was like heaven and earth had united! I went to minister in jail in fear and I was hesitant; I came back praising God, and thanking God for the faith of these wonderful ladies!

May the Lord’s name be glorified always for all that he always does in our lives everywhere and all the time! Once again, on behalf of our parishes, I would like to thank all our parishioners involved in this prison ministry. May God bless you abundantly for the love you share with our sisters! May they know through your ministry that in Christ Jesus, they are destined for freedom as daughters of God!

Fr. David