Father Enjoys Gameday

Dear Friends and People of God,

This past Sunday, I once again felt proud to be your Pastor!

Several things tell quite a lot about the quality of any Catholic Parish. One of the important aspects that make for a parish and from which one observing can tell that a particular parish has life in it, is how parishioners interact after Mass. In some parishes, unfortunately, after Mass, parishioners simply disappear as though someone was chasing them. Not so with Sts. Peter and Paul, and not so with St. Joseph! As a new member of these two churches, this character warms my heart and makes me proud of being your Pastor.

This past Sunday, at Sts. Pater and Paul it was Game Day. It was quite a day! I walked around to all the tables, saying hello to most of the participants at this year’s Game Day, of course I was also trying to ensure that no one misbehaves during the game. Well, it all turned out for the best! Walking around all the tables trying to learn and understand these games, I could sense the love that our parishioners share. I also felt that sense of togetherness. You don’t find this everywhere! You could see people who are there for each other. At the end of the day, I went home praising God!

I would like to thank all those who participated at this Game Day, and in a special way to thank all the organizers of this event. Thank you very much for bringing our parishioners together to share their faith through their humanness! I am very proud of each of you!

This realms so well with the teaching of the Church that we are all parts of the Mystical Body of Christ. Each part of this mystical body, must therefore, look out for the needs of the other part. In the end, may the Lord receive us all in the Glory of Heaven, without any of our members lost!

Your brother on the Journey,
Fr. David