Have you ever asked God for a sign? What were you hoping to see? Signs validate our experience and give us assurance and direction. We tend to equate God’s signs with miraculous or marvelous events. We even sometimes look for small gestures as signs that God is confirming a particular experience or choice we are making. Being overly preoccupied with receiving these kinds of signs from God can often signal a lack of faith.

Is there anything that can convince us that God is real and with us on our journey? Yes. God’s sign has already been given: the virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall name him Emmanuel. Emmanuel, God with us, is God’s most perfect sign and the only one we need. Our incarnate God is all we need to set us straight and validate our experience. Only Jesus can direct us to the Father, to our self, one another, and our world. When our lives are conformed to His, nothing else is needed.