Christ is Counting on You!

Last Sunday, September the 22nd, Sts. Peter and Paul was honored to host the Valley Cursillo Movement. It was an exciting honor to be with all these wonderful and faithful members, interacting with them, and sharing a meal with them. Even as I had to cut short my interaction with them due to another engagement earlier planned, it was a short moment for me, but with quite a lot to take home.

Besides the very delicious meal shared with love and with a smile on their faces, I was reminded that Christ is Counting on Me. This should be a constant reminder as we go about our daily business; as we parent, in the market place, in our politics, on the streets, as we engage in acts of charity, and in many of our encounters with men and women out there. Christ is always counting on you personally.

One thing that I noticed right away at the meeting is the Rooster. I did not ask much about it, but in relation to Christ counting on me, it reminded me of Peter’s denial of Jesus. We recall Jesus telling Peter that before the cock crows, he will have denied him three times. This time, positively though, the rooster/cock should remind us how Jesus counts on us in the world where it is more likely to deny him. Let us always remember that he is counting on us; he is counting on you!

I congratulate the hosts of the event, and I thank you heartily for allowing Christ to count on you. Please keep going, and continue inviting many other men and women to share their unique gifts as each encounters Christ in a more personal and unique way! Thanks for representing Sts. Peter and Paul Parish so well!

May God bless you on the Journey home!
Fr. David